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About Costa Rica

Known for its spectacular natural beauty and biodiversity, Costa Rica boasts over 15 different ecosystems with dramatic changes in landscapes, climate and nature. Magnificent beaches stretch for miles along an unspoilt coastline; high on the mountains, cool and pristine cloud forests are alive with mysterious sounds and below splendid tropical rain forests are packed with life.

The country is famous for its progressive approach to conservation and is the prime eco-tourism destination in Central America due to its wealth of protected areas. Over 25 percent of the country is protected, spread between 75 different national parks, wildlife refuges and biological reserves.

In such a small geographical area it is surprising how much there is to see and do. There are activities to suit all travellers and any mood, from action to relaxation. These include surfing, snorkelling and sunbathing, horse riding, hiking and wildlife-spotting, deep sea fishing or river cruises. One can also simply enjoy a soak in the hot springs.

Travellers are also drawn to the country because of the endearing Tico hospitality. Costa Ricans are known for their incredible gregariousness and delightful ability to pamper guests - whether pointing out the right direction or cooking a typical authentic meal, they will be full of smiles and warmth. All this together with easy accessibility and an efficient infrastructure makes Costa Rica the jewel of Central America and a gem of a vacation destination.