Truman Study Abroad Austria -
Course Descriptions

Salzburg College Session


German Language and Literature
History      International Marketing
Economics and Politics      Mass Media
Education      Public Relations
Art History      Journalism
Music History      International Marketing
Intercultural Communication      Studio Art
Mass Media      Drawing
Public Relations      Painting
Journalism      Print Making
Photography      Museum Internship
Workshops      Artist Apprenticeships
Personal Exhibition Opportunities      Music Performance
Music Theory  

Salzburg College Summer Session

German Language Studies Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels (3 hrs).

Introduction to European Art (3 hrs) From the Middle Ages to the Early 20th Century. Emphasis on Austrian examples and field experience.

Music Performance (3 hrs) Private instruction—practice facilities are provided.>

The Mozart Project (3 hrs) Combination of historical research and performance culminating in a lecture recital at the end of the program.

Romanticism (3hrs) Parallels of thought in German and American written works (poems, philosophy, stories), and paintings. Includes visits to museums in Salzburg, Vienna, and Munich.

The European Union (3 hrs) An introduction to the political and economic development of Western Europe and its relationship with Eastern Europe and the U.S.

Selected Topics in European Studies (3 hrs) Independent study projects in history, geography.