Opt-in email marketing is being called today's 'killer app'. EDU Email Recruiting provides you with a turnkey solution that will allow you to establish ongoing relationships with your best prospects. We provide the tools, the expertise, and the support in order to allow you to make the most of this powerful medium. In addition, in various narrative essay writing you can read more about email, about its impact on readers and encouraging the use of useful educational materials.

Why Opt-In Email?

Opt-in email marketing is a means to deliver a coordinated marketing message to your best prospects, on an ongoing basis. Opt-in Email is not SPAM. Instead, opt-in email campaigns are directed to prospects who have specifically asked to receive correspondence from your organization on an ongoing basis. With the prospect's permission, you send them information of interest to them and which they welcome. These regular emails will keep them reminded of your program and brand, and allow you to deliver a consistent marketing message to promising prospects throughout their decision-making process.

Why Outsource?

The road to sending bulk email is a treacherous one with many obstacles. Ensuring that your message is not interpreted as SPAM by your prospects or by their mail system(s) is one of the biggest concerns when employing email marketing. Improperly handled, your institutions mail server could wind up on a black list, preventing others from receiving any of the mail your institution sends. In addition, handling of opt-outs and bounced messages can be extremely frustrating for most people. A professionally managed service will help you avoid all of these difficulties.

Furthermore, a professionally managed list will help you keep your addresses fresh and current and will provide you with valuable reporting so you can understand what is happening with your list and your messages. Reporting includes the number of emails sent, received, opened and more.

In addition, a professional service means your message will be well thought-out and will look great. Some prospects prefer to read HTML enhanced email (messages with graphics, which look like web pages), while others prefer plain text or may even require plain text because of their email software. A properly designed message will be sent as multi-part mime which means that users who choose to receive the message as HTML will receive a professionally designed email, while users who choose not to receive HTML messages, will receive text.

Why EDU Email Recruiting?

With EDU Email Recruiting, you will receive service from the leader in online recruiting solutions for higher education. Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. produces the StudyAbroad.com and GradSchools.com websites, and has been delivering technology enabled marketing tools since 1995. EDU Email Recruiting is delivered in cooperation with TargetX, a leading email marketing service which also has strong roots in the higher education marketplace.

For an affordable price, EDU Email Recruiting will effectively manage all aspects of your campaign including planning, building your list, all technical aspects, assistance with your copywriting, HTML design, reporting and more. Perhaps most importantly, we'll work as your partner, and we'll take responsibility for making sure your campaign is delivered on a consistent basis.

EDU Email Recruiting Services Bonus!
  • Set-up of list
  • Testing of newsletter
  • Delivery of newsletter
  • Reporting
  • Technical Management
  • Assistance with layout
  • Assistance with copy
  • Assistance with building your address list

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EDU Email Recruiting subscribers will also recieve a link allowing users to opt-in to their list
from their GradSchools.com or StudyAbroad.com program listing.

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