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The University of Veliko Turnovo Semester Program

The University of Veliko Turnovo is one of the major universities in Bulgaria. It has 11 colleges including Business Education, Fine Arts, History, Law, Math and Computer Science, Philosophy, Public Health, Theology, and a Center for Physical Education and Sports. The University has additional campuses in the cities of Vraca and Pleven. The total number of students in Veliko Turnovo is approximately 11,000. The University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in 64 fields of study. It is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Bulgaria. Veliko Turnovo is in northern Bulgaria, 160 miles east of Sofia, the country's capital city.

The program is designed for students interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages, as well as to those interested in Balkan Studies. Experience has shown that this offers excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in ESL, in applying to the Peace Corps, or in seeking employment in the field of international education. The academic program provides immersion in Bulgarian culture and language, as well as the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as an English instructor. Students teach at the University under the supervision of faculty members from the English Department. Students can develop professional teaching skills, as well as experience Bulgarian culture from the perspective of a student.

Introduction to Bulgarian Culture is an overview of the history of Bulgaria from its creation in 681 to the present, as well as an introduction to Bulgarian civilization. The course is taught in English. It covers the History of Bulgaria during the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms, the Ottoman period, Bulgarian Revival, and Modern Bulgaria including the Communist period. Many opportunities of field trips, at additional but modest cost, to monasteries and churches (Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art), Bulgarian Revival cities, Roman Ruins, Thracian Treasures (Sofia Museum in particular). There are usually 2 to 5 students in the class, but you might be the only student in this class.

Introduction of Bulgarian Language will provide students with the opportunity of learning the basics of Bulgarian (a Slavic language). Students should rapidly acquire enough vocabulary and grammar to conduct a basic conversation in Bulgarian. The course is intended to be a survival Bulgarian course and to teach essential skills. Students interested in taking a more intensive course will be provided with additional contact hours at no extra cost. There are usually 2 to 5 students in the class, but you might be the only student in this class.

The University of Veliko Turnovo Summer Program

The summer program at the University of Veliko Turnovo is an international Seminar held during the month of August. It celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2002.

It is designed to bring together people interested in Bulgarian Culture and Civilization, and in Balkan Studies in general.

While no previous knowledge of Bulgarian language is required, most participants have experience and/or expertise in the field of Slavic/Balkan studies.