Truman Study Abroad Programs -

Founded in 1957 under the auspices of l'Université d'Aix-Marseille, the Institute for American Universities is one of the oldest and largest education abroad programs in Europe. It has served as an academic center for over 500 American colleges and universities and continues to make study in France available to students who recognize the life-long value of living and exploring a culture other than their own.

For Americans aware that countries around the world are becoming increasingly interdependent, education abroad is an essential step. Students must have practice in living in more than one culture in order to understand this mutual reliance and, in the long term, to function productively in their chosen careers.

The more immediate benefit is that any student open to learning and willing to grow will return home often intellectually transformed and, at least, changed in unexpected and welcome ways.

FRANCE In trade and diplomacy: more than ever, France is distinctively important to the United States. Southern France abounds with multinational American companies and international government agencies. The European Union is a model of cooperative venture. Education in France is an investment in potential access to future professional opportunities. It also provides the perfect milieu for an investigation of a traditional culture. In the South, it is still possible to find the "real" France or la France profonde.