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Housing and Meals offered in Angers

There are several housing options available for foreign students. While dormitories are available on a limited basis, most students live in either apartments or in French homes.


Some students prefer the freedom of having their own apartments, and this option is available for students studying in Angers. Renters insurance is recommended, and can be obtained through SMEBA, an office that provides insurance and other services for students. One SMEBA office is located on Blvd Roi RenŽ.

Home Stays

This is the best option for those students who want to get a glimpse of French life. Home stays are arranged through the UCO, pairing students with French people who have a room for rent in their home. This option is a home stay, not a family stay. Some students have situations where they live with a landlord, who they see once a month to pay rent, and others become part of the family, sharing meals and watching TV together.

Housing and Meals offered in Azurlingua

French host families

They are chosen with the utmost of care for their kindness, hospitality and lively personalities. They will incorporate the students in to their daily lives and interests. They will help them to practice speaking French and will respect their freedom. You will discover the French way of life and will have to adapt yourself to new customs.

Double bedroom or single bedroom (if available and without extra charge) - Blankets and sheets supplied - towels not supplied - Meals: breakfast or half-board.

  • Arrival: on Sundays.
  • Departure: on Saturdays.


Located in the center of Nice, near to the shopping area and the to school, the apartments are shared by several students. They offer the students a certain degree of independence, allowing them to discover the charms of the city at their own pace and to socialize rapidly. Our apartments have all the comforts to make one feel at ease. Students will have to respect the basic rules of communal life. Whatever the number of rooms, there is generally one shower and one toilet for every 4 students.

Double bedroom - Blankets and sheets included - towels not included - Meals: at the student's own expense - Included services: cleaning once a week (except in bedrooms).

  • Arrival: on Sundays.
  • Departure: on Saturdays before noon

Studio for Students

An individual option for those students who wish to remain independent in an ideally comfortable working environment. The studios are furnished with a desk, cupboard, a kitchenette, a private shower and toilet.

Blankets, sheets supplied - towels not supplied - Meals: Student's own expense - Included services: warden and mail service - Extra services: private parking facilities.

  • Arrival: on Sundays
  • Departure: On Saturdays before 10 a.m.


These are located in a pleasant area in the heart of Nice. All of them offer comfortable and well-fitted flats for one or two persons (kitchenette, fridge, shower room, toilets, cupboards, television and telephone). The apart'hotel is the ideal solution for students who wish to come with a friend or relative.

Blankets and sheets supplied, towels not supplied - Meals: at the student's own expense - Included services: reception, cleaning once a week - Extra services: - fax - safe.

  • Arrival: on Sundays
  • Departure: on Saturdays before noon

Avignon and Aix-en-Provence

Housing and Meals
Students are generally housed in the homes of French host families. Living in a French home is considered the best form of housing because it provides an immediate introduction to life in this new place. "Family" should not be interpreted too narrowly. Increasingly, about 50% of IAU's host families are childless couples or divorced women with children who enjoy having a student living with them. Host families come from a cross-section of society; they belong to no particular professional or social milieu, but all are carefully chosen and many have hosted American students for several years. A large majority of IAU students come to consider themselves a valued member of the family.

Through their families and as neighborhood residents, students benefit from meeting local people of all ages, discovering customs and exploring politics. Students may travel with their families as well. All find that speaking French at home is the single greatest factor in increasing their facility with the language-and, as one student has said, "If you're lucky, you'll have a younger sister or brother to help you with the argot."

Living in a French home is seen universally as an invaluable opportunity not found in many study abroad programs. Naturally, all students must accept the constraints and responsibilities that such arrangements entail. Whenever possible, IAU accommodates students' stated housing preferences. Students who wish to live in independent lodgings for dietary or other reasons should be aware that these are limited in supply and can often be arranged only upon the student's arrival in Aix.

Housing in the very center of town is limited. About one-third of IAU students live in the old city. Most of the rooms available with families are approximately 15 to 35 minutes walk from classes. A bit farther afield accommodations may be more spacious and offer the enjoyment of country living.

French food. These two words alone evoke haute cuisine associations, but also symbolize unbruised perfection in fruits and vegetables, fresh baked crusty loaves, flavorful cheeses, naturally produced meats, flaky pastry, and superlative chocolate available to any shopper.

Purchase, preparation, appreciation, consumption are culturally important, bringing together the human with the aesthetic, people tasting together. For students and their French families, the nightly dinner table can be a source of cultural/political/language education. What you eat and the ceremonies around the eating can be an education in itself, and dinnertime may provide a gracious and lively event each day.

Daily continental breakfasts and dinners-demi-pension-are taken in the student's French home. Students are responsible for lunches. There is a multitude of affordable cafés, brasseries, boulangeries, small sandwich and grocery shops from which to choose. The open market in Aix sets up its vivid produce each morning and is the most economical and fun place to shop. Avignon opens its plentiful indoor central market, Les Halles, every morning. Many other food markets are available around town during the week.

Ifalpes - (Instituts Francais d'Annecy et de Chambery)

Housing and Meals
The Institute provides an accommodation service: the Association pour le Logement des Etudiants (ALE).

You can live:

  • Independently in the town Center or in the countryside
  • With a French family
  • As an au pair
  • In a student residence
  • In a studio
  • In a flat, sharing with other students
  • Reservations are made by the Association pour le Logement des Etudiants (ALE). ALE guarantees the accommodation of all students enrolled at Ifalpes. To make a reservation, please refer to (the back of) the application form. This reservation is free of charge. Upon receipt of your application form and accommodation request, we will send you an accommodation proposal or a letter of acknowledgement and the proposal will follow shortly.
  • The accommodation proposal will include the following: the address and its location in relation to Ifalpes, a description of the accommodation; the price, the period of notice that must be given for cancellation and the deposit which has to be paid to the owner on arrival. The deposit will be refunded at the end of your stay if there is no damage to the accommodation or its contents. In general, all types of accommodation offered by Ifalpes can be occupied from the 1st until the 30 th/31st of each month.
  • In order to gain access to your accommodation you will need to contact the owner directly with your day, place and time of arrival in Annecy. Please do this in writing if possible.

International Business and Mangagement Program

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