Truman Study Abroad Programs -
Azurlingua in Cooperation with Truman State University

It is no coincidence that students from over forty different nations worldwide, choose to learn French at our school each year. We offer indeed an adapted educational package including supreme quality as well as a widely varied leisure program. Our expert team, who above all is concerned with the relationship between teachers and learners, has carefully put this together. We strive to give the utmost attention to each student's specific needs.

We offer an enriching experience, allowing the discovery of new cultural horizons in one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Europe. Nice, a university city and a major center of economic development within the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region, together with its international airport, has 400,000 inhabitants. The city is well known for its charm, cultural heritage, and relaxed way of life, climate, and the world famous ‘Promenade des Anglais'. Nice has all the attributes of a Mediterranean city with real character.

During your time at Azurlingua, we will offer you a study program best suited to you that is guaranteed to give you the experience of a lifetime.

All of the teachers are native French speakers and university graduates with extensive teaching experience of French as a foreign language. Thier dynamism, patience and imagination along with other human and entertaining qualities guarantee an interactive and pleasant educational experience with rapid results and achievements. Each student will be given an exercise book that the teachers have comiled themselves. Work material is also accessible on their internet site.

French Online
Bonjour De France is an interactive cyber magazine, created by the school Azurlingua to practice French and converse on the web. It is also designed for teachers of French as a foreign language who want to work with new technologies.

Active Teaching Methods
Our pragmatic teaching methods are designed to be interesting and effective with a view to developing the students' oral and linguistic skills and their cultural knowledge. The emphasis is placed on oral expression and comprehension. We rely on modern methods of teaching French as a foreign language by using illustration, situational role-play, videos, analysis of current newspapers and magazines, creative exercises, and of course modern communication tools such as internet and CD-Rom.

Small-sized Groups
They facilitate the active participation of each student in diffferent learning activities and allow the teacher to follow the progress closely and give individual tailor-made corrections. Groups are organized on the basis of written and oral tests taken on the first day. The syllabus is determined according to the objectives of each level. Each student will be given a workbook compiled by the teaching team.