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ESSCA, Angers Summer Business Program

Understanding Europe means understanding the complex environment of a market of 350 millions people, a powerful industrial global player and a fascinating heritage of culture and history.

The European Union, often merely considered the world's largest single market, represents much more than that when discovered from inside. Some consider it to be "undoubtedly the most daring world-order experiment of this century. It has encroached on the sovereign rights of territorial states far more than anything attempted by the United Nations. The European Union is something quite new and different; it is likely to keep changing. If it is perceived outside of Europe as a success, it will provide Asia, Africa, and Latin America, or portions thereof, with positive models that they will be tempted to imitate and adapt to their regional conditions. Europe, as the region that invented the modern state and its diplomacy, is taking the lead in establishing a new form of world order that may soon turn out to be sufficiently different as to qualify as a sequel." (Richard Falk in the Harvard International Review, Summer 1999).

The five-week ANGERS SUMMER PROGRAM, taught entirely in English, offers a thorough understanding of how the European Union, and the delicately balanced cooperation between its member states, really functions. It also provides a first hand initiation into all the essential aspects of European business and its interactions with the United States and other regions of the globe. Courses are specially designed for students with an American university background.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain comprehensive academic and cultural experience through a variety of courses and activities.

Based in one of France's most beautiful cities, ANGERS, an important part of this summer program will also be held in BRUSSELS and PARIS.

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The European Union - Macro-economic environment 2 credits