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Russia Today  Current issues: The social, political and econoomical situation in Russia (6 lectures).

  1. Russia as a world civilization.
  2. The political situation in Russia (political parties, government, etc.).
  3. The Population of Russia: demographic survey.
  4. Russia and the entire world: comparative analysis of the basic social and demographic problems. Demographic structures and thier dynamics. Breakdown of the population. Regional peculiarities in reproduction of the population. Employment and unemployment. Employment migration. Brain drain. Living standard at transition period.
  5. Meeting with the deputy director at the Mayor's office. The problems of a sustainable Moscow. The secrets of Moscow's wealth.
  6. Economy of Russia: patterns of development.
  7. Industry in Russia. Visit t Red October Chocolate factory.

Modern Russian History (6 lectures)

  1. The political Development of Russia, 1991-2000. Vladimir Putin: the New Deal.
  2. The Multiparty System in Russia. The Armed Forces of Russia: Problems and Perspectives.
  3. The political role of mass media, advertising and PR.
  4. Corruption: the Roots of the Problem.
  5. The Social Nature of the Russian State
  6. A Changing Russia in a Changing World. Foreign Policy of Russia and International Realities. The Future of Russia: Civil Society or the Authoritarian State.

Introduction to Russian Culture and Art of 11-20th Centuries (6 lectures)

The course is aimed at giving the basic outline of key concepts and problems of Russian culture in historic perspective from the state's inception to the 20th century. The course consists of lectures supplemented by field trips to museums, places of historic interest, theatres, etc.