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Intensive Russian Language Program        Excursions

This semester-long program, consisting of an intensive Russian language course plus 2 civilization/history courses, seeks to involve students personally and actively with the Russian people and their language, history, art, and traditions. It is appropriate for all students, from the beginner completely unfamiliar with Russian language and society to advanced students of Russian seeking an immersion to supplement formal university training.

Russian Language     (10 US credits, both semesters)
Russia Today     (3 US credits, taught in English, both semesters
Russian History and Culture     (3 US credits, taught in English, fall semester only
Russian Civilization     (3 US credits, taught in English, fall semester only)

The content of the non-language courses is different in the fall and the spring, and the semesters are designed to complement each other, such that students may participate for an entire year.

Russian Language

Russian language classes are offered at 6 different levels, each designed to meet ACTFL (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages) guidelines.


Russian language classes typically meet Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 12:20 pm.

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