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Arts in Florence


Students interested in Art History, Studio Art, Humanities and Italian Language & Literature courses enroll at the Art Institute-Lorenzo de' Medici where all courses are taught in English. Visiting students need not have knowledge of Italian. Students with adequate background in Italian can take certain courses in Italian if they wish.

"The Wells College Florence Program is the most comprehensive and best organized program at Lorenzo de' Medici." (A.C., John Hopkins University)

Available courses include diverse subjects such as Geography, History, and Business to Ceramics, Fashion Design and Jewelry. For a complete lists of courses please download a pdf file outlining all of our courses.

For a complete list of courses please click here.


Students can take up to five courses per semester. Upon successful completion of the courses taken, students earn 17-18 Wells College credits, fully transferable to their home institutions. This includes two (2) credits for Orientation.

"No other program at Lorenzo de' Medici took care of its students so well as the Wells College Florence Program did." (A.C., Hamilton College)

Academic Calendar

The Wells College Florence Program is available in the Fall and Spring Semester or the entire Academic Year. The Fall Semester begins in late August and ends in the middle of December. The Spring Semester begins in late January and ends in the middle of May.

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