Arts in Paris


The Arts in Paris program offers two types of housing: dormitory and home stay.

To offer students participating in the program maximum freedom, housing is provided in a student residence, La Cité Universitaire, which is located near the large Montsouris Park, in the south of the city. The Cité is run by the University of Paris system; residents come from all over the world as well as the many regions of France. It is well served by the Paris public transportation system, the express subway line (RER), and several bus lines. The single rooms at the Cité are equipped with sinks and hot water; baths, toilets and kitchens are found on each floor. A twenty-minute metro ride and a five-minute walk bring students from their residence to the Wells Center and the language school.

Students may also choose to live with French families if they want to put more emphasis on learning the language, and on experiencing French customs. The families' homes are located near convenient subway lines. Home stay provides some meals for the student.

"[The Wells College Program for the Arts in Paris] was perfect for me. My focus on art had never been so intense. The omnipresent art world in Paris penetrated my daily life. I was immersed in the language, the culture, and the art. I learned a great deal from my studies and even more from life experience. It was the most influential and invaluable experience of my life." (S.R., Wake Forest University)


The comprehensive cost of the program per semester for 2006-2007 is $13,000 for the dorm, and $13,500 for home stay. The program fee includes:

  1. Tuition, fees, and transcripts for up to 20 credit hours per semester
  2. On-site orientation
  3. Academic and personal advising
  4. A fully furnished room for the entire semester (including fall and spring breaks); some meals (if you choose home stay)
  5. Round-trip air transportation to Paris; transfer from the Airport in Paris
  6. Transportation in Paris for the entire semester
  7. Free access to national museums and monuments
  8. Guided tours and excursions to Chartres, Giverny, Normandy, Burgundy, or the Loire Valley
  9. Cultural and social events
  10. International Student Identity Card
  11. Some access to e-mail

Wells College gladly accepts Financial Aid Consortium Agreements from students' home institutions.

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Program Director and On-site Advisors

Dr. Amy Staples, Director of Wells College's Arts in Paris program, oversees all aspects of the program including admissions, academics, logistics, and student life. Her frequent presence in Paris and constant contact with the on-site co-ordinator and other staff members assure that academic, curricular, and social matters are discussed at length for the benefit of the students.

In Paris, the on-site coordinator implements activities and policies proposed by Wells College in order to assure the students' academic, social, and personal well-being during their stay in Paris. On-site staff members meet regularly with students to discuss academic, logistical, and personal matters; in addition they are very resourceful in helping students adjust to a new city, culture, and academic system. The close relationship between the on-site staff and participants, the concern for the total well-being of the students, and the availability of help and advice when needed, are unique strengths of the Arts in Paris program. All personnel in Paris are fluent in both English and French.
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Upon their arrival in Paris, students complete a week-long orientation period during which they tour the city thoroughly with a guide to learn about its public transportation system, its postal services, its banking institutions, health care options, etc. Students are given time to discover Paris libraries, museums, galleries, churches, food and clothing markets, etc. By the end of the orientation period, students enrolled in the Wells program are well acquainted with the city and are already able to take advantage of the cultural riches it offers. During orientation students also formally enroll in courses, receive precise information regarding all academic matters, and take a placement test for the courses in French.

"I can't say enough good things about the Wells Program in Paris. Since my college did not have the resources to practice fine arts on a high level, I was determined to immerse myself in painting, photography, and ceramics in Paris. Painting in the Lourve was an unforgettable and extremely important experience for me and [for] my development as a painter." (A.S., Colgate University)

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Photos courtesy of Kali Vermès

Professor Amy J. Staples - Director of Arts in Paris
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