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Arts in Florence

student artist in FlorenceThe Wells College Florence Program offers a unique opportunity to study and live in Florence, Italy's most important and dynamic cultural center. The thousands of students, from more than 200 American colleges and universities, who have participated in the Wells College Florence Program have praised it for its efficient organization, the excellent personal, academic and logistical support, the close and personalized staff-student relationship, the rich and varied curriculum (more than 250 courses), the professionalism and commitment of the faculty, the uniqueness of the one-week Orientation and Culture Immersion in Rome and Florence, the cultural activities and excursions.

"The Wells College Florence Program exceeded my expectations more than I could have imagined." (A.M., Tulane University)

Host Institution

florence classroomLocated in the historical and business center of Florence, Lorenzo de'Medici is the leading private international school in Florence. It occupies ten (10) buildings in the heart of Florence, all within a few minutes from each other. The main building on Via Faenza dates back to the 13th century. Originally a convent, over the years it has been renovated. It has offices, classrooms, facilities for the cooking and wine tasting courses, and a cafe-cafeteria. The Wells College Florence Program's local advisor has her office in the main building.
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Language Requirements

The Wells Colelge Florence Program has no Italian language requirement. All courses, with the exception of Italian language courses, are taught in English. Students with a good knowledge of Italian can, if they wish, take some courses that are taught in Italian.
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"I could not have been more satisfied. I observed several other programs at Lorenzo de' Medici and the Wells College Florence Program was by far the best." (E.N., Davidson College)

Travel and Tour Information

A week-long orientation precedes each semester. Through meetings, lectures on different aspects of Italian culture, art walks, guided tours and excursions, students gain a better understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of Italy. Orientation begins in Rome where the group spends 4-5 days with visits to the Vatican City and its museums, St. Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Forum, Capitoline and Palatine Hills, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and other important sights; excursion to Pompei, Sorrento, Assisi, Chianti countryside.

Warm hospitality is a well known aspect of the Italian national character, Italians, by nature, are kind, open, friendly, warm-hearted people. Even today, in spite of the fast pace of living, Italians still display patience and cordiality towards the many millions of tourists who every year come to admire and enjoy the wealth of the cultural and artistic heritage of their country. Their hospitality becomes even more evident when the visitor attempts to speak Italian. Americans, in particular, are regarded favorably by Italians. A large percentage of Italian families have relatives in the United States.
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Professor Giorgio Renzi - Director of Study Program in Florence
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