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Courses offered by the University. Those more limited in their handling of French can enroll in courses offered by the English department (which pertain to African history, literature, politics and society) and the Institut de Français pour étrangers (IFE). Courses in music and the arts are offered only in French.

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Academic courses carry three to four credit hours; the language courses carry up to six (6) credit hours. Courses in the Arts and performance courses carry from two to six credits depending on the number of contact hours per semester. Students can earn 16-20 Wells College credits which are transferable to any other American institution. All courses receive a letter grade. Some courses can be audited.

"All my classes were taught in French which really improved my French." (A.S., Colby College)

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The Dakar Program runs from early January to mid-May each year.

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Professor André Siamundele - Director of Study Program in Dakar, Senegal
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