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EDU Internet Strategies now serves as a forum for those interested in using the Internet to reach and recruit prospective students. This site contains articles and case studies of organizations that have had success with a transition from legacy recruiting (guide books, view books, mailed application packets and on-campus fairs) to modern recruiting.

Today, the Internet is vital in communicating with prospective students. Every prospect has seen your web site. This is not debatable. What is debatable is the number of students that discover your program or your institution via the web. Wether in discovery or validation mode, prospective students will visit your web sites, read your news feeds and subscribe to your newsletters. One recent survey has undergraduate students visiting a schools web site 38 times from discovery to first day of classes. Another indicates that 75% of the time spent searching for a school is spent online. What percentage of your budget is spent online?

From our informal surveys, schools spend about 10% of their marketing budgets supporting online recruiting. If 75% of a students time is spent online and you only spend 10% in that media, you are spending unwisely. EDU Internet Strategies is a place to help you explore where you can best invest your online dollar and to help you transition from the old ways to the new ones..