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"EDU Internet Strategies offers a wealth of information and methods
for increasing your student recruitment"

Online Marketing

Separately, we note that for sites of the "edu" category, it will be useful to use, i.e. which will help prepare your site for theoretical audience consumption.

Online marketing is a strategic process. With more and more students
going online to research for programs, courses and institutions,
it's more important than ever to ensure that your website is
visible to prospective students. In addition to the online
advertising available from the various EDU directory sites, EDU Internet Strategies offers information
for increasing your student recruitment efforts.

Traditional marketing campaigns may include a brochure, handouts,
newspaper advertising and the like. To compliment these efforts make sure your online material
delivers the right information and that you are linked to from sites that students regularly visit. Online Directory Listings are a very effective form of online marketing and is a powerful way to reach prospective

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