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EDU Internet Strategies
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We have created several successful directory websites, we know the web. We understand what it takes to be seen.

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Students are Online


The Internet is more than just a way to distribute information; it is a platform to demonstrate the character of your organization.

How do you recruit students?


A recent NACAC survey indicated that the average incoming student will visit their new school's web site 35 times between their first impression and their first day on campus. Each time they visit, they are looking for something different. Do they see something different during each visit, or is your web site old and outdated.

Again from NACAC, web sites are the second most important source for information about colleges and universities, topped only by guidance counselors.

Information sources most important in the school search:
1) Campus visit
2) College web site
3) Talk with current students
4) Admissions counselors
5) College guides

Think like
As the Web continues to be integrated into the world of education, it is increasingly important for institutions to differentiate themselves through marketing/brand strategies that exhibit clear messages and provide fulfilling user experiences. Today, a prospective student (customer's) first exposure to a school will most likely be through the web. This medium is hectic, random and not easily controlled. A viewer's perception of an institution's identity is formed while perusing the initial pages of a web site. In a world where first impressions are paramount, it is paramount to have a quality web site.


Many years ago Lord Leverhulme (Lever Brothers, later Unilever) wittily said - "I waste half the money I spend on advertising. The trouble is, I don't know which half."

Through today's new technologies, you can intelligently manage your advertising costs and know which half of your advertising is waste!