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EDU Internet Strategies
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Online Marketing and Advertising Services

EDU Internet Strategies is a full service marketing and technology group specializing in harnessing the power of the Internet to drive cost-effective inquiries and sales. Founded as a service arm of a leading educational directory provider, EDU Internet Strategies has helped businesses and universities alike.

Our staff includes web site designers, database and systems architects, copywriters, technician, engineers and analysts who have built powerful web enterprises both for the company and for its clients. It is our goal to engage clients in an ongoing technological evolution, not just single engagements. The online marketplace is constantly changing and to stay competitive, our clients recognize they must constantly change. We believe this change does not have to disrupt your current business - rather enable it.

Our clients respect our technical stewardship, drawing them to services that have practical application and return positive results.

  • Innovation should grow your enterprise, not overwhelm it.
  • Added traffic to a weak web site is not practical.
  • A site focused on graphics or animation won't get you found on search engines.
  • Without a database, your ability to measure success will be greatly limited.

At EDU Internet Strategies we work with each client individually to develop a strategy that produces results.

As consultants we can serve as designers and developers. We can create or modify systems and processes. We use internal staff and trusted partners. Our areas of expertise are listed to the left.