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"Any SEO campaign should begin with some thorough research and analysis. Our Website Optimization Assessment gives your a solid foundation to work from."

Higher Education Search Engine Optimization

Education SEO

It is estimated that a #1 position in free search engines generates 10x more traffic than a #10 position. A site can roughly generate a 10% bump in traffic for each position they move up in Google's and Yahoo's rankings. Not total traffic, but the traffic that comes from that keyword on that search engine. Anything not on page 1 of a search results page, generates very little traffic. A user is more likely to try another search engine rather than tab to page 2, and beyond. Traffic generated from search engines can be an alternative to advertising, thus saving you hard dollars. Successful search engine marketing has real ROI

Today, search engines have a huge impact on how the web is navigated. Most people don't realize that a large portion of their traffic comes from Search Engines and often that traffic does not come to the home page, nor comes from relevant searches.

In today's constantly changing online environment, search engines are a particularly important component of marketing and optimizing your pages is very important. Off-line branding and cross-marketing tend to drive visitors to a home page, but sophisticated search engines drive people deep into your sites. If you site is designed right, you will rank in the top 10 for important keywords. Furthermore, good site design will allow them to easily navigate your site and find the information they seek.

Today, search engines direct a huge portion of the web's traffic. Search engines direct users to pages that they deem most relevant to the search term or search phrase entered. Especially for educational search, users will seek detailed information not found on a home page, but deep in the site. If for search engines to find these pages, they must be optimized, a process we call Education Search Engine Optimization. This feeds traffic to the page that best matches the keyword, not the home page of a web site. Today's web user in now using four or five word keyword searches to find information. Type "biomedical engineering graduate school" into the search box of your favorite search engine and you'll see what we mean.

Because of this trend, the vast majority of first page views are not your institution's home page. In fact, the vast majority of web visitors may never see your home page, they will concentrate on navigating your site seeking answers to their specific questions. How are you handling these hundreds of entry points?

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There are two elements of search engines that need to be managed. Free Search, sometimes called Organic Search and keyword advertising. One can pay the search engine for advertising positions on a cost per click basis. Typically these come under the "sponsored links" section of a page. Free search refers to the list of most relevant sites found by the search engine matching your search request. The higher your percentage of free search, the more effective your web marketing. If you are not on the first page of a search results page, you are not going to see significant traffic from that search engine, for that search term.

EDU's Educational Search Engine Optimization service reviews your web site's compatibility with search engines. We take your present site design and break it down to significant and desired keywords. We then look to make multiple entry ways to your site matching these keywords. We know what the search engines are looking for and we know how to design pages to get you listed in the Top 10. For the most part, this is not a radical redesign of your web site, but a common sense approach to maximizing your current web assets to capitalize on the opportunities that search engines provide.

How does your site's traffic rank? Visit Alexa or to see your traffic Ranking. You can also download a trial version of SEO software to do some of your own testing.

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