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EDU Internet Strategies
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We are Higher Education Marketing Specialists

After creating several successful directory websites, the transition to consulting is a natural progression. We know the web. We understand what it takes to be seen.

Is your website visibile?

Why Hire EDU-IS for your Online Marketing

  Web Sites are marketing tools, not software programs.

Have you allowed your IT department to run your marketing department?

We know the Web!

First impressions are everything. Imagine that you are a student or professor visiting a prospective university. There is no sign or official entrance to greet you and the grass remains uncut. Decade-old notices hang upon the walls of leaking buildings. You might think twice about applying.

Your website should be a vibrant expression of your institution and its culture. While your institution spends large sums of money on landscaping and signs, today your visitor's first impressions are almost always made online. Who's the groundskeeper there?

Unlike print, a newly created web page has immediate impact. What's more an improved position on a search engine will reach more people right away. And you can start your campaign today, without designers, printers or mail houses.


"The immediacy of digital media, with its Web sites and Web logs and streaming video, cannot be matched by the dead-tree media of newspapers and magazines"

-Beth Gillin, Philadelphia Inquirier Staff Writer

Websites are marketing tools, not software programs. Ask yourself this: Does your IT department run this powerful marketing medium at your institution's expense?

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