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Blogging Fad
Get a Social Network
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Higher Education Marketing and Web Design

Social Networking leads the way!!
Students are spending a lot of time blogging...why not make it productive.

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EDU Internet Strategies has created a unique platform where students and teachers and peers can all communicate online through their own personal pages. Students are already spending an inordinate amount of time networking online, why not make it productive as well. We have teamed up with Mindsay to offer a customized social networking platform specifically designed for Higher Education. Contact us for more info.

EDU Internet Strategies is a consulting firm specializing in technology and online marketing solutions for higher education institutions. We create websites, build web traffic (SEO), and manage search marketing campaigns for academic departments and university systems. We design, redesign, engineer, maintain, strategize and execute plans for our clients' success.

Over 2,000 academic customers advertise on Education Directories Unlimited's directory sites which collectively log over 1.5 million visits each month. We know the web and we get results. Now available for independent projects, EDU Internet Strategies put the wisdom and power of a decade of internet marketing at your service. EDU Internet Strategies is the talent behind,,, and Student Prospector.

We know the web and we get results. Want proof?

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Where to Start - Consider the following number of searches for March with the search terms listed below:
Pennsylvania college 9,531
college in Pennsylvania 5,694...

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Date: July 19th-21th, 2006
Noel Levitz, Denver CO

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March 10, 2006 - Mercy College has made it possible to earn a coveted New York college degree online, as well as receive full academic advising, career counseling and more, thanks to a state-of-the-art online campus.