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"The goal of Mercy Online is to provide a high quality undergraduate and graduate education -- and a full complement of online administrative and technical student services"

Press Release - Mercy College Online

March 10, 2006 - New Type of Learning Experience Lets Students Earn a New York College Degree Online

Mercy College has made it possible to earn a coveted New York college degree online, as well as receive full academic advising, career counseling and more, thanks to a state-of-the-art online campus.

Mercy College, one of the top private colleges in New York, has created a digital campus in which students can earn a New York college degree online.

Functioning in much the same fashion as the brick and mortar Mercy College, Mercy Online offers more than twenty bachelors and associate programs registered by the New York State Education Department and regionally accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges. The online school also supplies its enrollments with a full complement of student services including the personal counseling and advising one would expect when attending the school on campus.

This new venture paves the way for the future of education in which the learning process is not restricted to attending class in the traditional sense. While the ability to earn a New York college degree online has been available for a few years now, the idea of supplying the entire college experience via the Internet is new and refreshing, and should really appeal to an increasingly freedom-conscious generation interested in doing everything on their own time.

"The goal of Mercy Online," explains John DiElsi, Dean for Online Learning, "is to provide a high quality undergraduate and graduate education -- and a full complement of online administrative and technical student services -- that will enable students to start or enhance careers in a dynamic era of change."

"The world is evolving," adds Paul Fleming, manager of EDU Internet Strategies, the company that helped create Mercy's website. "It's time that colleges evolved with it, not just in class offerings, but in the entire education system. Mercy Online is really going to change how students view college."

Mercy Online assures its students that they will receive the same high-quality learning experience as their on-campus programs when earning their New York college degree online, but the faculty have added several online exclusive programs including Executive Development and Growth Experience (EDGE), Nursing Education, Nursing Administration, Nursing (RN to BS) and Counseling.

These new additions prove that students can earn any type of New York college degree online, even when they aren't in New York. As DiElsi says, " Mercy Online is a truly state-of-the-art website allowing for exciting, accessible and convenient learning. This new system is a dynamic way to access educational programs through the Internet anytime, anywhere."

Mercy College

Mercy College is a New York metropolitan area college of nearly 10,000 students. The main campus is in Dobbs Ferry, and branch campuses are in the Bronx, Manhattan, White Plains and Yorktown. In addition, Mercy operates access centers in several neighborhoods in Westchester County and New York City. Mercy Online supports online students with a broad suite of online services, including a technical requirements orientation, student orientation, online academic advising, online library services, an online learning center, assistance with course work, career services and personal counseling.

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