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"...optimized press releases are more effective than normal news stories"

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By Advertising Higher Education Marketing, EDU Internet Strategies Finds Successful Way to Market for Higher Education organizations.

An online higher education marketing company, EDU Internet Strategies, has discovered an effective new way for advertising higher education marketing online, which translates into a new way for institutions to increase their online visibility to students.

CHESTER, PA, December 6, 2005 - EDU Internet Strategies (EDU-IS), a company specializing in higher education marketing, continues to find new ways to help higher education organizations reach out to students.

Their new tool is press release optimization, a technique of writing a press release, article or advertisement in such a way that it will be highly visible on search engines like when a student searches for a school, which, according to Harris Interactive, is how potential students spend 75% of their search time.

EDU-IS discovered that an optimized press release advertising higher education marketing made them infinitely more visible to clients, which tripled the amount of users the company had before, and believes this could work for higher education organizations as well.

"Consider how many times you use a search engine like Google," says Paul Fleming, project manager of EDU-IS. "Most prospective students use search engines as their primary tool for finding schools, so it becomes vital that a school's website appear high on a search, otherwise a student may not even consider that school as an option."

EDU-IS put their knowledge and skills to the test while advertising higher education marketing for their monthly newsletter on online technology and higher education called EDUinsight, in an attempt to reach out to more university and college professionals. the company decided to optimize this press release to see if the results would be effective.

A link to the press release appeared on the first page of many different search engines like Google and Yahoo!, and this resulted in a direct increase in traffic to EDUInsight's website. Daily traffic tripled, and subscriptions to the newsletter doubled, proving that optimizing a press release can have a direct positive effect. EDU-IS wanted to share this valuable resource by gaining more subscribers; optimizing a press released doubled their subscribers.

Fleming adds, "While we used this technique for advertising higher education marketing, a school can use it to reach out to students. The principles are the same. If a student searches for schools on Google and finds an informative press release on a particular program, that student may give the school more consideration than her or she would have had that press release not been read. The increased online visibility is a key component to higher education marketing."

He also says, "We have had success optimizing school websites in the past and now see that the same techniques can be highly effective when used on press releases. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most valuable strategies a school can use to entice new students."

EDU-IS has been perfecting the craft of search engine optimization, making a website highly visible on search engines, for over ten years. The company has used that experience and knowledge to create invaluable marketing solutions for Higher Education organizations. The effectiveness of this new tool is further evidence that EDU-IS is at the cutting-edge of these solutions. Fleming believes his staff can bring those same skills to higher education institutions, and offers to write a press release and advertise it for any school. He can be reached at or via e-mail at [email protected].

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EDU Internet Strategies (EDU-IS) is a consulting firm specializing in recruiting and marketing solutions for higher education institutions. They focus on the process of communication between a student and a recruiter through multiple electronic media. EDU-IS is a service of Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU), a leading Internet company serving higher education. Based in suburban Philadelphia, EDU's steady growth since its inception in 1989 has led to its inclusion in the Philadelphia 100, Inc. Magazine/ICIC Inner City 100 and Inc. 500 lists of fast growing businesses. For more information, go to


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