About SMU

History – Dedman College was named in 1981 in honor of its benefactors – the late Robert H. Dedman Sr. and his wife, Nancy McMillan Dedman, of Dallas.

Areas of Study – Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees offered through 16 departments in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematical and natural sciences.

Competitive Graduates – The percentage of Dedman students accepted to medical school are typically 10-20 points higher than the national average each year.

Publications – Faculty members publish with such university presses as Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, and Harvard.

Research Grants – Last year Dedman College researchers generated $7,752,800 of SMU’s $19.6 million in competitive research grants, an amount that has increased 52 percent since 1994.

Renovated Facilities – Last year Dedman College completed the first phase of the Fondren Science Building renovation. During the past five years, more than $28 million has supported construction and renovation projects for science facilities.