Mathematics Graduate School

The Department of Mathematics in SMU's Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences offers one of the country's leading programs for those who want to pursue graduate study in computational and applied mathematics. The program specifically emphasizes applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and scientific computation.

Students selected for this program study under a distinguished faculty that consists primarily of numerical analysts and applied mathematicians. In keeping with a long-standing SMU tradition, all faculty members - including our endowed chair holder and other senior professors - teach graduate and undergraduate students. With a 1-1 ratio of graduate students to faculty members, graduate students can be assured of individual attention.

SMU also offers excellent computer facilities, an outstanding library collection, competitive financial aid, and the advantage of being located in an area where job prospects for graduates are plentiful.

Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

The Ph.D. qualifying examination is unique in that it focuses specifically on the student's specialized interests and background in computational and/or applied mathematics. It consists of a written examination based on an individualized concentration of courses in Computational and Applied Mathematics, and the presentation of a paper (usually based on work with a faculty member).

Most students take two semesters of coursework beyond the M.S. to prepare for the Ph.D. qualifying examination. A student with a Master's degree from another institution will need at least three semesters of coursework.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

To qualify for the Ph.D. degree, the student must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Satisfy all curricular requirements as specified by the departmental faculty.
  2. Pass the comprehensive written qualifying exam and paper presentation.
  3. Complete a minimum of three years of graduate academic work, including at least one year in full-time residence on the SMU campus or at a research facility approved by the departmental faculty and the dean of graduate programs.
  4. Write and make a successful defense of a dissertation.

Course requirements for the Ph.D. must include 51 semester hours of graduate course credit beyond the Bachelor's degree (excluding dissertation work) and at least six semester hours of dissertation.

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