Anthropology Graduate School

We offer two degree programs: the M.A. in Medical Anthropology, and the Ph.D. in Anthropology. In the Ph.D. program students can concentrate either in Cultural Anthropology or in Archaeology. Full details of each program are available in the Graduate Handbook.

Our programs are designed to produce scholars--creative, energetic, articulate, and literate scholars.

We endeavor to produce anthropologists whose research is sufficiently innovative to attract the notice of their peers, who will seek and receive research funding, and who will apply their training to the constructive help of the human groups with whom they work.

It is our aim to train students in specialized skills based upon the broad understanding of anthropology acquired before entering our programs. Besides developing the skills necessary to being an anthropologist, we will also try to impart a professional attitude and a desire to practice those skills with the drive and exactitude which characterize that scholarship upon which our (and your) professional reputation rests.

Inquiries from prospective graduate students should be directed to: or Apply Here.