Physics Graduate School

95% of SMU's physics students have merit scholarships. SMU values intelligence and rewards hard-working students through various departmental and collegiate awards.

SMU's physics graduates have been accepted to outstanding graduate programs such as those at the University of Chicago, Stanford, Berkeley, and Columbia University, as well as directly into science and engineering industries.

SMU's physics professors hail from such esteemed universities as the University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley, Texas A&M University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, the University of Minnesota, Stanford, the University of Maryland, and Cern in Geneva.

The department's low facutly to majors ratio is 1:2, assuring that every student receives personalized instruction and individual attention. Even during their first year, students are taught by faculty members, rather than by teaching assistants.

Students learn from faculty members who are prominent researchers, as well as committed professors.

Most of SMU's Physics majors hold double or even triple majors in such diverse fields as computer science, engineering, music performance, art history, and mathematics, illustrating their drive and dedication to learning.

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