Statistical Science

The Department of Statistical Science, located in the Heroy Building in the North end of the campus, provides students with an education in the science of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. Because data impact all areas of learning, statistics is truly an interdisciplinary science. It is an excellent double major or minor. The department has a long and distinguished record as a graduate department. The graduate programs integrate both theory and practice. They provide a strong theoretical foundation through coursework in mathematics and probability and educates students in the intricacies of the practice of statistics through courses with an applied orientation augmented by hands-on experience in statistical consulting and computing.

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The Doctor of Philosophy program prepares students seeking careers in industry, government and business. Professional statisticians with either undergraduate or graduate degrees are in demand. Government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, industries, banking firms, automobile manufacturers, and many other employers have formed statistical service units within their companies. Careers in statistics can be financially rewarding and intellectually challenging, can provide exciting opportunities to work in state-of-the-art technological areas and with a variety of interesting people, and can offer interaction with others in formulating decisions of major local, national, or global importance. The faculty is distinguished. Students will be taught by professors at the forefront of exciting new vistas opening up in the field and will benefit from the experiences of faculty consultants to industry, government, and business.