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How We Work

Success in branding and user experience comes from readily identifying your audience.

Different interests are competing for "real estate" on your site, so it is imperative that the site be well designed and well organized.

   What is the primary purpose of your web site?
For whom is it designed?
Are you putting recruiting first?

Segment your site. One size does not fit all. One page does not serve all.

Customize content for:

  • Students (current or prospective)
  • Faculty (current, prospective, guest)
  • Research
  • Internal administration

Sites need to be
search engine friendly. Content should be concise yet complete. A minimum of 250 words should be on a page. The average time spent reading a web page is 45 seconds. Anything longer than 5 paragraphs becomes a dead end.

Your site should be clean, "well lit", not overcrowded. Being an academic site puts you in a different class than other sites. Academic sites are not expected to entertain your visitor; your purpose is to inform visitors. Your sites should not be a technology expo. Graphics should be used sparingly. Of primary importance is the ability to find the information sought, so good navigation and multiple navigation paths are effective. Visitors will come into your site from many different entry points, so layout and organization are important.

Our Design Philosophy, Part 2 - Brand
EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm