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Vermont Law School Case Study

Vermont Law School was looking to increase interest in their graduate law programs and wanted to approach it in a unique way. You can also get tips on how to blog, attract an audience, or choose useful texts for further engagement on the site at After learning of EDU Internet Strategies’ experience in setting up blogging communities through, and to name a few, Vermont Law School was very interested in this approach to recruiting students.

EDU Internet Strategies had noticed the effectiveness of blogging through their online research maintaining skills in cutting edge technologies online. While results were unproven at this stage, EDU Internet Strategies knew the online marketplace well and realized that students were online and schools had to respond with things they were familiar with. EDU Internet Strategies set up 3 separate blogs to cater for several users. We created an admissions blog for the staff in the admissions department, a MSEL blog for students participating in the MSEL program and a JD blog for students attending the Juris Doctor program.

After launching the program and creating profiles for all blog participants, EDU-IS provided blogging guidelines, advice and troubleshooting for the Vermont Law School community. The result was a vibrant and active blogging community.

New Vermont Law School Site
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