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EDU Internet offers a variety of services designed to enhance to brand of an institution. In today's marketplace, students trust what they see on the web as much, or even more so that what they hear or read in print. "Brand" is more than a retail commercial concept, it conveys to institutions of higher education.

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Strategic Brand Assessment

The purpose of strategic brand assessment is to examine an institution in the contexts of its principal constituents and its actual and aspirational peer cohorts in order to identify its existing strengths and to discover possible new strategic directions. Yardley Research Group's approach to strategic brand assessment (brand development) is very different from that practiced by other companies in the field. Our focus is on strategic and academic behaviors and attributes that contribute to the development of a particular image of the University rather than on graphics and media buying. (We would be much more likely, for example, to recommend that an institution develop a research strength in molecular genetics or offer a new graduate program in Acute Care Nursing than we would be to recommend the complete redesign of admission materials.)

The Strategic Brand Assessment Process:

Yardley Group staff visit campus for approximately one week for the initial Strategic Brand Assessment. At that time, we conduct interviews with University officers, deans, Enrollment Management and Admissions, University Advancement, University Relations, senior faculty, faculty hired within the previous three years, students (new freshmen and transfers, upperclassmen, master's students, and doctoral students), and selected staff from various student services functions. Separately, we conduct phone interviews with selected alumni (new, five-years-out and twenty-five-years out), key employers of the University's graduates, and parents of current new undergraduates and transfers.

In the context developed by these interviews, we conduct assessments of the University's top-level web sites (one click down from the home page) and official printed materials from Admissions, Advancement, University Relations, and Financial Aid. We also compare key strategic indicators among the University and a defined institutional cohort. Finally, we interview selected officers and deans at peer institutions to learn their perceptions of the client institution.

Strategic Brand Assessment Results

The resulting strategic brand assessment report assesses the client institution's brand identity (strategic imaging) among its key constituents - faculty, staff, and administrators; current and prospective students and their parents; alumni; employers, and other institutions. In addition to suggesting specific actions for further strategic brand development, the report addresses: how strategic brand assessment (brand identity) is conveyed in official publications and web sites; how institutional image compares with the images of peer institutions; and how key members of the University community are aligned around institutional strategies. The report also provides a set of strategic recommendations on image and how to build it and makes specific recommendations for the creation of materials and sites. The final section of the report gives detailed suggestions related to the distribution of materials to particular audiences.

Work is performed by a team of strategic brand assessment experts, including the principals and design experts from Howard Design and EDU's Internet Strategies Group.
EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm