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EDU Internet Strategies can help your site with web based forms for processing your student applications and contact pages. Using web forms speeds up the communication process between students and administration and provides the technology that your prospective students expect.

The strongest solution is to integrate these forms with your database(s). Focused activities can be produced such as distribution of newsletters and emails, print mail campaigns, reports, call lists and more. This interaction enables you to focus more of your time giving your hottest prospects the attention they need.

Don't be left behind, EDU Internet Strategies can help you develop the on-line forms and applications you need and integrate them with your database solution. Besides the ease of use your prospective student will enjoy, your department will benefit from:
  • More complete and accurate inquiry and application information.
  • More organized files
  • Better tracking of applicants.
  • Automatic e-mails sent to appropriate contacts.
  • Better analytics from a strong database

These options do not require redesigning your site. EDU Internet Strategies can integrate them into your current site. Start getting better information today.

For details on what EDU Internet Strategies can do for you, please contact Rick Simmons,

ext. 254
EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm