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Interactive Student Recruiting

Admissions Process Re-engineering

Replacing the Admissions Packet
"The Iterative process of Interactive Student Recruiting"

Today's students are tech savvy and spend more time online than ever before. To effectively reach them and guide them through the admissions process you need to rethink your communications strategy.

Old method: One self-service paper-based package delivered to the student early in the search process. Components of the packet includes a viewbook, application instructions, funding info, etc., possibly supported by supplemental postal mailing reminders, replacement forms.

New method: Institution driven process, stepping the prospect through each phase of the recruiting process, monitoring their progress and effectively communicating with the student and their advisors through the process. Components include a web site, data capture forms, online databases, email instructions and reminders, chat sessions, document/presentation downloads, etc.

Interactive Student Recruiting

"The process of communication between a student and a recruiter, through multiple electronic media, in as automated and customized manner as possible"

There is no single step magic solution; progress comes through mapping the steps of the recruiting process into a work flow scheme, then driving this through various integrated technologies.

Recruiting Phases Life of Traditional (Paper) Packet Life of a Web Site
Data Collection / First Impression Student receives view books from multiple institutions. Some are quickly discarded immediately; some survive. Student views web site, if interested submits inquiry
Comparison / Discovery Second pass, initial comparison of one school versus another. More packets are discarded. Student, advisors examine web site in more depth, search for analytics. May refer to third party reviews other online resources.
Deliberation / Elimination Deadline approaching, student seeks advise from support network. Detailed comparison of offerings may bring high volume of institutional interaction. Finalists selected. Deeper analysis, faculty and facility comparison, frequent interaction with numerous influencers (housing, dining, student services, extra-curricular activities).
Application Preparation and Execution Decision made to apply. Student/advisors begin process of formal application. Portions of packet are distributed, application components broken into specific tasks. Decision made to apply. Revisit site looking for instructions, online forms, download forms. Frequently seeking help and answers to specific questions.
Application Completion and Transmission Many documents are completed and sent from many sources, then assembled and compiled for application review in file folders. Data and documents sent from many sources, many media, then assembled and compiled for application review in a database or electronic file.

Same Core Process. . .
Different Driver, Different Media

  • Email Replaces postcards/letters phone calls.
  • A database helps track and manage progress.
  • Site Navigation and email delivered links drive the prospective student to/through your website and online materials.
  • After initial contact, prospective student enters site through inside pages that you believe are most productive.
  • Personalization of email communications.
  • Customization of email communications.
You only have 15 minutes per session to achieve progress

Through an in depth review of your recruiting process, EDU Internet Strategies can help you implement Interactive Student Recruiting. Our analysis will give you practical steps, leading you to a sophisticated re-engineering of your student communications process, from first impression to enrollment.

For details on what EDU Internet Strategies can do for you, please contact Rick Simmons,

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EDU-IS engineers Interactive Student Recruiting