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Top 10 reasons you should replace the e-mail link on your web site with an inquiry form:

  1. Inquiry forms can forward the captured information as an e-mail
  2. Inquiry forms can direct the message to various addresses depending on check boxes, selection buttons on the form (examples Full-time/Part-time, Domestic/International, By State, etc)
  3. Inquiry forms mask the addresses, keeping it from the SPAM harvesters (junk mail)
  4. Inquiry forms allow you to ask for/require data critical to your recruiting process
  5. Inquiry forms will improve the quality of your inquiries
  6. Inquiry forms allow for better tracking of your online marketing
  7. Inquiry forms can be hosted externally with only minor changes to your web site
  8. Inquiry forms can be programmed for an auto-response e-mail to the submitter
  9. Inquiry forms can easily tie to an online database where your data can be archived, tallied and later retrieved
  10. Inquiry form databases create a platform for better post-inquiry recruiting management
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