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Today's students are tech savvy and spend more time online than ever before. To effectively reach them and guide them through the admissions process you need to rethink your communications strategy. Gone are the one time presentations of admissions packets (see Admissions Process Re-engineering), instead successful recruiters are engaging students in an interactive dialog.

According to one survey, the average incoming undergraduate will have visited the schools web site 35 times between their first impression and their first day on campus. Each of these visits is part of the communication process, and should be controlled by multiple drivers.

Part of any successful recruiting system is planning your communications strategy, the "what if" and the "if, then, else" scenario's of student inquiry. An effective communications strategy will include answers to the following questions?
  • What web page will all prospective students be driven to?
  • Will you use a static web site with active external drivers or an active content management system for your web site?
  • What method of data capture will all students be directed toward?
  • Will your database generate e-mail reminders or feed a list serve, bulk e-mail service?
  • Will students be assigned to individual recruiters/faculty advisors?
  • Will you produce newsletters or general update messages?
  • How will a prospective student's progress be tracked?
  • How automated will your response to inquiries be?
While EDU Internet Strategies offers a full CRM-style solution to your student communications with our Administrator product we can also guide you through alternatives. We can assess your current process and introduce you to areas of improvement and automation. We can help you plan and propose internal changes or direct you toward vendor solutions.
EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm