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One of the fundamental shifts the Internet has brought to advertising and marketing is the ability to track and analyze performance. While "brand building" advertising is still quite popular, it's lack of measurability is leading people to consider quantifiable alternatives. With so many media options, today's advertiser is considering ROI (return on investment) as measure to gauge the cost effectiveness of a given ad placement. ROI can me measured on a per sale, or a per lead (inquiry/application) basis.

The Internet's ability to track activity has brought forth an even more advanced way to market, affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing pays for advertising not on a cost per view (CPM), or cost per click (CPC) basis, but on a cost per action. Often referred to as pay for performance, this marketing method turns the cost of advertising from a fixed-basis to a variable one, allowing strict controls on budget levels while allowing you to enter new areas of promotion. Successful affiliates will take your message to new venues, such as web sites, e-zines, bulletin boards, e-newsletters, search engines and even off-line media.

Affiliate marketing does take some investment to begin. Affiliates can be managed directly (you recruit and you pay the affiliates) or through networks like Commission Junction , Share-A-Sale or LinkShare . These networks provide a level of trust to both parties. Their tracking mechanism is trusted as is their payment system. Commissions will be held in escrow and the networks provide fraud detection to keep everyone honest. If yours is a product with a defined "sale", such as an online store, affiliate payments should be based on a percentage of the sale. If yours is a service that requires a secondary follow-up, and has a longer sale cycle, then your payment should be cost per lead. This cost per lead has become quite popular with the for-profit education industry, institutions such as University of Phoenix and Walden University.

Wether you choose to manage affiliate marketing yourself, or use a network, EDU Internet Strategies has the experience and ability to enable an affiliate marketing campaign for you. We will analyze your present marketing, review your systems compatibility and work to provide a powerful, yet cost-effective solution. We will help you explore which networks make the most sense for you, then build a campaign and campaign management interface for you. We will integrate your present marketing messages or create new ones. We will help you launch a marketing campaign to prospective affiliates and if you need a micro-site to track your leads/sales, we can build this as well.

In addition to EDU Internet Strategies' affiliate set-up and management services the company offers a division called Performance Based Advertising which offers advertising on a pay for performance basis, both on EDU directory sites as well as partner-sites.

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EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm