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Since 1995 EDU has been in the business of information publishing. Today its database systems contain hundreds of thousands of records, are hosted on a variety of platforms and utilized by a variety of computer applications. The company, and its closely associated partners are versed in FileMaker Pro, IBM's dB2, Microsoft's .net including Access, Oracle and the growing world of open source platforms. We maintain our own computer center, serving web-based systems and solutions for a wide variety of clients.

We pride ourselves in the practical application of technology. Mark Shay, our CEO is an Electrical Engineer with previous experience in telecommunications and railroad system controls. Mark Landon, our CTO has led the company's effort to use common solutions as an alternative to customized systems. We strongly believe that data systems do not need to be overwhelming. Many of our directory products have been built using the $250 Filemaker Pro.

If you are considering a large-scale investment in technology we suggest you seek multiple opinions. The Senior Executives of the company are well versed in project management and the many stumbling blocks that exist in large technology conversion projects. As consultants we can assess your current work flow, current systems and make recommendations to improving efficiencies that are practical and cost-effective. Our review and recommendations are independent of our capabilities meaning that our analysis is not guided by our ability to perform the work. If you use us as reviewers you are under no obligation to use us as contractors.

Consider using EDU Internet Strategies for design assistance or a second opinion as you consider significant changes to your technology infrastructure. Please feel free to contact Rick Simmons if you are interested in an Independent Technology Assessment for your school.

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EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm