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Administrator - A new student recruiting solution that will transform your prospect management

  • A comprehensive CRM solution to your student communications process
  • Centralize all your student prospects into one easy-to-manage, online database.
  • Communicate efficiently with ideal candidates through automated strategies that identify truly interested students.
  • Lead a prospective student through the steps from inquiry to application and all the way through enrollment.
  • Track a prospect's source, monitor every step in the progress and deliver detailed reporting as to the effectiveness of your entire recruiting system.
  • Raise your yield rate by staying in touch with students and responding in a timely and appropriate manner.

Administrator combines web-based enterprise software, with innovative communication strategies to deliver new levels of productivity and efficiency to student recruiting.

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Throw away those old web inquiry forms and stop worrying about the deluge of inquiry e-mail; instead, let Administrator handle it.

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EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm