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Today, college admissions personnel are overwhelmed with inquiries. The web has created an easy to use and effective way to deliver student requests to schools, but the systems on the receiving end are often inadequate. EDU Internet Strategies can help. We have a solid understanding of how inquiry information should flow; it is the basis of our business!

EDU Internet Strategies has multiple options to help you manage student requests. From simple web capture forms and off-line databases (FileMaker Pro or Microsoft Access, Outlook or Excel formats) to web-based systems, we will evaluate your needs and budgets to recommend, install and support a powerful, yet cost-effective solution. We work with our clients through the entire process, integrating our system with existing processes.

Included in our service options is StudentProspector Administrator, a turnkey CRM-style solution that offers a single solution to your student communications from first inquiry through enrollment, tracking and reporting progress along the way. If Administrator is beyond your current reach, our custom database solutions may be the answer.

It is time to move away from e-mail inquiries with manual replies. Today's successful recruiters have inquiry forms that pre-qualify prospects, automatically updating databases that automatically communicate with students, moving them through the inquiry and investigation process as efficiently as possible.

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EDU Internet Strategies college or university website and marketing firm