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"Our general design process is the result of many years working with and for clients of all backgrounds"
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Our Web Design Process

At EDU Internet Strategies, we try to involve the client in as much of the process as possible. That way, we get a solid idea of what you want and mix it together with the best practices. Our general design process is the result of many years working with and for clients of all backgrounds.

The key is to isolate exactly what you are looking for during the early stages of the design process.

Creative brief
- a creative brief is sent to our clients to complete. This brief outlines what pages you want, what colors you need and offers the chance to list competitor websites and other sites that you may like. From this, we get a better idea of the style that you want. We have found this to be a valuable component to the web design process because it is all about what our clients what.

Web Sketch - EDU Internet Strategies puts together some mock Web sites for you and your colleagues to discuss. Generally we will offer 2 samples including the home page and the sub pages. This is where your input is critical and will form as the foundation of the "look" of your Web site.

Site Architecture - We use the information gathered from the creative brief to establish a site structure that is easy to use and covers everything you want to present.

Materials - To help bring your site together, content is essential. Generally we will ask that the client provide as much content (text, images, brochures etc.) as possible. If we agreed during the proposal to provide the content and it is accordingly factored into the overal cost, then our copywriters will get to work, creating appropriate content and our designers will gather appropriate images.

Site Development - Once we have agreed on the final mock-up of your design, it's time to convert the pages into code for the web. This may be HTML, PHP, or other as previously agreed upon. We give you access to view the development of your website so that you can offer feedback throughout the process.

Troubleshooting - Once all the pages of the site has been completed and the appropriate content added, we will begin the process of Quality Assurance. We check things like links, broken images, download time, spelling, or cross browser compatibility to ensure that the site performs optimally.

Publishing - Following the troubleshooting (of which the client should be involved), we will then prepare to launch the website. Occasionally, we will zip the file up and deliver it to the tech department or host the site in-house and prepare the servers for launch time. This often includes domain registration, web analytics, email addresses, online forms (if requested) and tying it closely with your advertising campaign.

For details on what EDU Internet Strategies can do for you, please contact Rick Simmons,

ext. 254